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Oroxcell proposes a technological platform, based on the example of the pharmaceutical industry, which is gradually updated with new models and methods answering to the latest demands of cosmetics, chemicals and agro-alimentary industries.

The technological platform enables to perform accurate profiling of the molecule’s properties in order to orient formulation. Biological relevant models enable to estimate the active’s performances with the lowest risk and cost, and in the respect of the regulatory demands.

You may find here complete information concerning our technologies, illustrated by examples and figures. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further details.


- Formulations

  • Physico-chemical evaluations
  • Innovative formulations testing

- in vitro ADME

  • Cellular Absorption
  • Hepatic and extra-hepatic metabolism

- Human in vitro models for chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceutics safety evaluation

  • In vitro toxicity

- Drug interaction

- Skin irritation and corrosion

- Occular irritation

- Phototoxicity

- Genotoxicity

- Clinical investigations

- Bioanalysis and PK parameters calculation