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Vision and values

Focused on today, positioned for tomorrow

Since the creation of Oroxcell in July 2004, we have a common vision, federating values and a clear strategy in place to achieve our business objectives.

We are committed to growing our business in broad technological platforms where our knowledge can make a real difference for our partnerships in biotech/pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, veterinary and home products/chemicals industries.

Today, we are developing our own research and development through partnerships in order to make a real difference for future technologies and make alternative methods to animal use becoming reality.

Our pursuit of Innovation drives everything we do, and our success will be achieved through employee excellence.

Our values

- Integrity ensures our credibility
- Respect is foundation of any partnership
- Transparency makes mutual trust possible
- Courage opens the door to the future
- Achievement makes our entrepreneurial success possible
- Responsibility determines our entreprenarial action