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What we do

In 2011, Oroxcell owns two major pillars:

A unique “one-stop shopping” platform covering a broad spectrum of technologies for assessing ADMET:

  • In vitro, ADME & Physicochemical diagnosis aimed at underlying key issues for optimal bioavailability, on one side and addressing the diagnosed key issues with most appropriate excipients through our formulation search engine (FSE) strategy.
  • In vitro toxicity assays to meet both regulatory demande and provide a rapid source of relevant information.

Its own discovery programs:

  • Alone or in collaboration
  • To improve existing technologies or set up new assays systems to meet current industry needs. For instance:
  • - Oroxcell was involved in the Skin Irritation Assay using restructed human epidermis at the ECVAM : this assay is now part of the OECD package for the evaluation of Raw materials and finished products for cosmetics

    - Oroxcell is proposing a new generation of technologies to address genotoxicity (DNA fragmentation) with improved accuracy and throughput

    - Oroxcell also develops new methods in physico-chemistry : LogP/LogD Screening by Gradient HPLC : S. Demare, B. Slater, G. Lacombe, D. Breuzin, C. Dini, Accurate automated logPo/w Measurement by Gradient-Flow Liquid- Liquid partition Chromatography. Part 1. Neutral Compounds, J. Chomatogr. A, 2007, 1175, p16