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Facilities and Equipment

Bioanalysis and analytical chemistry


- Triple quadrupole (Applied Biosystems): 3 API-4000

-  Triple quadrupole (Thermofischer): 1 TSQ Quantum Ultra

- Triple quadrupole (Waters): 1 Quattro Micro coupled with:

  • diode array UV detection (Waters 996 DAD)


- Single quadrupole (Waters). 1 ZMD coupled with a:

  • diode array for UV detection (Agilent 1100 DA)


- 4 Alliance HPLC Systems (Waters)

  • Diode array UV/visible detectors (Waters)
  • Qualified Empower system (Waters)
  • Method Validation Manager


- 1 Acquity UPLC System (Waters)

  • Diode array UV/visible detector (Waters)
  • Qualified Empower system (Waters)

- Solid Phase Extraction (SPE):

  • 1 TomTec Quadra-96 workstation

- Fluorescence / Absorbance / Luminescence :

  • 2 Fluostar Optima BMG microplate readers


  • Binding to human albumin by Chiral column. HSA as stationary phase (UV-detection)
  • Solubility screening by HPLC (UV or MS detection) or nephelometry
  • LogP/LogD Screening by Gradient HPLC according to S. Demare, B. Slater, G. Lacome, D. Breuzin, C. Dini, Accurate automated logPo/w Measurement by Gradient-Flow Liquid -Liquid partition Chromatography. Part 1. Neutral Compounds, J. Chromatogr. A, 2007, 1175, p16